Gear Industry Product News 2021

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Open Mind Introduces Latest CAD/CAM Updates to hyperMILL
Open Mind Technologies AG has introduced its latest hyperMILL 2021.1 CAD/CAM software suite which offers users new and enhanced features ... (posted 2021-01-20)

Mitutoyo America Releases New MeasurLink Collection Schedule Module
Mitutoyo America Corporation is pleased to announce the release of a new module into its MeasurLink Suite.MeasurLink’s Collection S... (posted 2021-01-19)

Consortium Develops Powertrain for Autonomous Vehicles
A consortium of businesses is developing an electric powertrain that will meet the demands of future vehicles.Electric powertrains (motor... (posted 2021-01-18)

Drivetrain Hub Launches Gears App
Drivetrain Hub has launched its fully web-based gear software, Gears App.  Gears App is the only Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) g... (posted 2021-01-15)

Siemens Announces Simcenter 3D 2021
Siemens Digital Industries Software announces the availability of the latest release of Simcenter 3D software, part of the Simcenter port... (posted 2021-01-14)

Chiron Offers Highly Flexible Additive Machine
The Chiron Group has expanded its core competencies - metalworking and automation – to include additive manufacturing. “As a ... (posted 2021-01-13)

Ingersoll Expands High Speed and Feed Product Lines
Ingersoll has announced the introduction of more than 30 new product lines. These unique and creative designs offer speed and feed capabi... (posted 2021-01-11)

VOMAT Offers KFA 1500 System
The larger the batches in tool grinding, and the more grinding machines are involved in the process, it becomes more worthwhile to employ... (posted 2021-01-07)

Methods Machine Tools Introduces JobShop Cell PRO
Methods Machine Tools, Inc. has introduced the JobShop Cell PRO, a new standard automation solution featuring the RoboDrill D21SiBadv Ver... (posted 2021-01-06)

Solar Atmospheres Completes Major Vacuum Furnace Rebuild
Solar Atmospheres of Western Pennsylvania recently completed a hot zone replacement on one of their larger horizontal car bottom vacuum f... (posted 2021-01-05)

Seco Assists with Common Aerospace Challenges
In order to help work through both common and unique challenges, Seco Tools has an aerospace task force made up of aerospace specialists ... (posted 2021-01-04)