Ingersoll Cutting Tools Gold Productivity Seminar

Rockford, Illinois. Ingersoll Cutting Tools is offering seminars in 2019 to learn how cutting tools can work for you. These seminars will include informative product presentations with an emphasis on ways to increase productivity, discussions on cutting tool theory and application, and live demonstrations in a state-of-the-art Technology Center showcasing product capabilities and performance. The Ingersoll Cutting Tools Seminar covers a full range of cutting tool applications, including milling, hole-making, turning, grooving, threading and more. They feature presenters/instructors with decades of industry experience. There is no charge for the seminar, and lodging and meals are provided. Application seminars have always been an important part of Ingersoll Cutting Tools customer service. The company believes that properly applying cutting tools is just as important as building quality cutting tool products. Seminars are held on a regular basis each year and focus on proper tool selection and application of the latest cutting tool technology. Through live demonstrations, group discussions and multimedia presentations, seminar attendees are exposed to the wide range of metal cutting products and technologies available in the marketplace today. Ingersoll is dedicated to providing the end-user with as much information and instruction possible to increase tool performance and optimize production.

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