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Shenzhen Gearshine Precision Machine Co. Ltd. - The Gearshine Co. was founded in 1985 and since then, we have devoted our efforts in the design and manufacturing mostly of worms and worm set gear drives.3F/A3 Building, Blue Sky Technopart Lougang Rd.
Songgang Town, Shenzhen 518105
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The GEARSHINE Co. was founded in 1985, and since then we have devoted our efforts in the design and manufacturing mostly of precision worms and worm set gear drives.

At Gearshine we are trying to offer our customers the best quality, design and production of spur, helical, bevel, worms and worm set drives, as well as internal spur and helicatl gears.

Our advanced technology, manufacturing methods and experience of over 30 years, coupled with the state-of-the-art measuring and testing instruments and CNC hobbing equipment makes Gearshine the leader in our field. Therefore we can offer to our customers high quality products and at competitive prices.

In 2002, Gearshine started another division in designing and developing, as well as assembly, of gear motors, in order to meet the market demands. Since then we have developed a complete line of DC gear motors as well as DC planetary type gear motors.

Our new product line is widely applied to household appliances, office equipment, healthcare products, medical devices, model toys, automation, automotive, as well as other related products.

We employ a well-trained professional team that is working endlessly in R&D, production methods, quality assurance and other areas of manufacturing in order to ensure to our customers that Gearshine will design, produce and deliver quality products on time and at competitive prices.

Gearshine welcomes any design and application and will deliver a product to solve your gear problem, even at the most critical and challenging requirements. We cut/hob gears with any material or alloy, including plastic.

Our strengh and commitment to our customers is:

Worm Set Drive, Using Various Material

Various Sizes of Steel Alloy Worms

Worm Sets Out of Brass Alloys

Worm and Worm Wheel for Astronomical Telescope

Various Motor Shafts with Spur, Worm and Helical Pinions

A Worm Set for an Auto Door

An Assortment of Worms, Worm Gears, Spur, Helical and Bevel Gears, also Internal and External at Various Alloys