“If you want to reach the gear industry, you need Gear Technology.”

Gear Technology is written for the gear industry. Our articles cover every phase in the life of a gear, including design, manufacturing, inspection, heat treating and end use.

For more than 33 years, gear industry decision makers have turned to Gear Technology for our unbiased technical content, decades of editorial experience and the breadth and depth of coverage. The GT LIBRARY at geartechnology.com is the most comprehensive collection of gear manufacturing information and technical articles available anywhere. From print to online, from the GT LIBRARY and e-mail to webinar production, you can turn to us to put your message alongside the industry's most trusted and read content.

At GEAR TECHNOLOGY, we focus our articles on gear-specific subjects:

  • Hobbing
  • Grinding
  • Bevel Gears
  • Heat Treating
  • Gear Inspection
  • Workholding
  • Lubrication
  • Software
  • Gear Design
  • Testing
  • Materials


Sep 26 E-News Bevel Gears Furnaces North America (Oct. 8-10) Sept. 19
September/October 2018 PRINT issue Chamfering/Deburring Lubricants & Coolants Powder Metal   Sept. 7
Oct 17 E-News Chamfering/Deburring Oct. 10
Oct 31 E-News Lubricants & Coolants Oct. 24
November/December 2018 PRINT issue Buyers Guide Grinding Wheels Forgings, Gear Blanks & Raw Materials Oct. 12
Nov 14 E-News Buyers Guide Nov. 7
Nov 28 E-News Grinding Wheels Nov. 21
Dec 12 E-News Forgings Dec. 5
Dec 26 E-News Top Stories of 2018 Dec. 19
Jan 16 E-News Back to Basics Jan. 10
Jan 30 E-News State of the Gear Industry Jan. 24
January/February 2019 PRINT issue State of the Gear Industry Multi-Tasking Machines Big Gears   Jan. 11
Feb 13 E-News Big Gears Feb. 7
Feb 27 E-News Multi-Tasking Machines Feb. 21
Mar 13 E-News Gages and Measurement Mar. 7
Mar 27 E-News Emerging Technologies Mar. 21
March/April 2019 PRINT issue Heat Treating Workholding Automation   Mar. 8
Apr 10 E-News Heat Treating Apr. 4
Apr 24 E-News Workholding Apr. 18
May 2019 PRINT issue Cutting Tools Honing Automotive CTI / VDI Transmission conferences Apr. 12
May 15 E-News Cutting Tools May 9
May 29 E-News Honing May 23
June 2019 PRINT issue Gear Grinding Software Machine Maintenance   May 3
June 12 E-News Gear Grinding June 6
June 26 E-News Software June 20
July 2019 PRINT issue Gear Inspection Heat Treating Plastics   June 7
July 17 E-News Gear Inspection July ll
July 31 E-News Heat Treating July 25
August 2019 PRINT issue Gear Expo Pre-Show Forgings, Gear Blanks & Raw Material Industry 4.0 EMO Hannover (Sept. 16-21) July 5
August 14 E-News Gear Expo Pre-Show August 8
August 28 E-News Forgings, Gear Blanks & Raw Material August 22
September 11 E-News Industry 4.0 September 5
September 25 E-News Gear Expo Show September 19
September/October 2019 PRINT issue Gear Expo Show Lubricants & Coolants Powder Metal Gear Expo (Oct. 15-17), Heat Treat 2019 (October 15-17), Quality Show (Oct. 22-24) September 6
October 16 E-News Lubricants & Coolants October 10
October 30 E-News Gear Expo Follow-Up October 24
November 13 E-News Powder Metal November 7
November 27 E-News Buyers Guide November 21
November/December 2019 PRINT issue Buyers Guide Skiving Aerospace   October 25
December 11 E-News Skiving December 5
December 26 E-News Top Stories of 2019 December 19

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